Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scott Speed Makes A Statement at Montreal Earning a Top 10

Well hello hello! Time for a new blog that is going to be short and sweet but is def a interesting one. Some exciting news happened today: I got home from my trip! Okay that was not the exciting news you were thinking of, the actual news is that Scott Speed earned a Top 10 finish at Montreal today! How exciting is that! All i know is I cried happy tears of joy and was cheering from my couch. Now why in the world am I writing this small blog?? Let me explain myself better....

Scott raced three races in cup and did not have the best luck for him. This race at Montreal was his last race for a while or until he gets picked up by a team (I hope that happens). He raced for KHI this Saturday and Montreal is a tricky road coarse with many twists and turns. Scott had qualified 4th for the race and it looked like he could possibly win this race. I know as i watched the laps tick by I was nervous for all that was about to happen. In the end Scott had a little bump by another car and that caused him to fall back.. but by sheer luck he was able to move up to p.11 with 4 laps to go. Scott held off and pulled up to 6th place and finished the race strong.

There was no interview for Scott or anything, but to me he did an amazing job. Amanda tweeted that Scott was bummed out because if they hadn't had the incidents they could of had a chance at winning. Even Scott tweeted his frustration, but my timeline flooded with love for Scott and telling him he still did great even with all that had happened.

I asked people on twitter their feelings on scott's top 10 and these were the responses :)

These two responses just define how much love their truly is for Scott. Even though he was disappointed... fans are still cheering him on to victory soon. The question I now want to know is what is his future for 2012 looking like? I hope you all enjoyed this blog and I cannot wait to write a new blog very soon! Also this is MY OPINION and i do not want any hate comments on it :)
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Responses from twitter!!! =:D

ilovehamlin11 " I think its really good for him and a great confidence builder.I think it was a good chance for him to show off his skills."


"   I am sooo proud of ! Hes an amazing driver & I'm glad he had a good ride this weekend so he could show his skill

 " I thought it was fantastic!! I am sure now he'll find a ride somewhere after today!"

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