Sunday, August 21, 2011

There's a Fire Starting in my Heart.... A Pet Peeve of Mine...

So this is a brand new style of blog writing I am doing, this is me expressing how I feel about something.. I need to note that i have been thinking about this for weeks now and it finally came to a boiling point today. I have a pet peeve about something in NASCAR and I need to say this is HOW I FEEL and I do not need hate or un-follow on twitter for saying my feelings on my blog.. ok? Alright here we go.....

So today during the NASCAR race at Michigan with about 14+ laps to go I was looking around on Twitter and saw many people just upset and mad about what was happening to their drivers. I thought maybe it was a short-term thing... even after the race people were still upset and angry and not being happy and positive. So what is my pet peeve??? My pet peeve is seeing how upset fans get before the race ends and then how downright negative people can get even after the race is over... even if their driver does do somewhat good overall.

Now before someone goes "laura it's not fair to judge us... you would feel the same if Scott didn't do well" I know that... i am not a ball of sunshine sometimes and it is okay to be like that sometimes when your driver does bad, gets wrecked or something major comes up. I know many times last year I was upset that Scott wasn't winning and he was just in the back all the time. I knew i was upset and I admitted many times. Even this year i have had a few moments where I have been frustrated before the race is over, yet during this year I have learned to be happy for the little things and be happy my driver finished.

I totally understand being upset for your driver, but it breaks my heart to see people saying it's over for their driver with 20-14 laps to go. Anything can happen in NASCAR and we forget that their could be a caution and possible G-W-C. I just want to see Twitter giving positive feedback for drivers.... I don't enjoy twitter when it is a giant sad deal... so how do I address the races to make them positive?

How To Enjoy A Race in a POSITIVE way even if your driver doesn't do well:
1) Remember they have to drive the entire time and get hot and sweaty--that's hard work!
2)We gotta be there for our drivers through the GOOD and BAD
3)They may move up in points or get a post-race interview :)
4)We can tweet them positive stuff to help encourage them for the next race
5) Just maybe cool off then think "well get em next weekend!"

Those are just 5 things i think of to help me find a positive solution. I am not saying this at anyone directly i am just generally saying on twitter i see this a lot and just want to see that we are cheering our drivers on not bashing them or bringing them down or ourselves down. So that is what i have to say about my pet peeve. I am trying to make this short and also to let you all know why i was about to blow my top off today after the race. Anyway this is HOW I FEEL... no hate towards anyone or that. I do not want to be un-followed because I expressed my opinion.. so please don't. :) Thank you for reading and have a great week! I start senior year this thursday so blogs will become a rare thing :) One more time thanks for all the support!



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  1. Love you Laura! You tell it like it is! Gotta have faith, thru thick and thin, good and bad. WTG!