Monday, August 22, 2011

Are You Hungry? Want to make amazing food? Go check out this amazing blog by one heck of a chef!!

Well it is that time of day where i am promoting someone! :D Actually this is the first time i am promoting anyone so i am very excited! This blog will be extremely short so you can go to the blog i talk about today! I am telling you all to go look at the blog of one of my amazing twitter followers @SassyChef4. She has her blog that tells you how to make yummy brownies, vegetarian meals, appetizers, italian food and so much more! She gives you the ingredients and tells you step by step on how to make the wonderful foods and treats!

So what is the point of this blog? GO CHECK OUT and read some of her fabulous cooking ideas and recipes. She has a wonderful selection of food and treats to look at! I love her page and am learning how to cook through her! I am also becoming a vegetarian and i love her vegetarian meals! :D So go give her a follow on the page and on her twitter: and she can give you more information on her food and page!

Once again thank you for reading this brief but informative blog about  a wonderful tweep of mine! :D She has amazing taste in food and will not disappoint you! :D Have a wonderful week!

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