Sunday, July 31, 2011

Twitter and Drivers: We tweet them.... when they tweet back we go "OH MY GOD LOOK!" and do a happy dance

So this is a random blog and a personal opinion blog. This blog is about what it means to have drivers on twitter, but what it also means to get a tweet from one. I know i have had that experience happen and it's the best feeling in the world.... now here's a good question that i have wondered for a long time... Why Do We Hope To Get Tweets From Drivers???? Is it for the awesome feeling that we feel like they are connecting with fans? Is it bragging rights? Or is it just the fact that a tweet from someone that important is the coolest thing on twitter? I am going to give my opinion on what i think.... :) here we go!

So when Twitter came around it was cool... then it became the coolest thing since sliced bread. It's a great place to meet fellow NASCAR tweeps and get involved on all the best NASCAR news. Also you can follow your favorite driver if they have a twitter. THATS A BIG DEAL. :) You can follow JJ, KK, $$, DR, DH, and many more. Some of the wives and girlfriends of NASCAR drivers also have twitters to follow as well. Now the question we have been waiting to get to is why do we love it when a driver tweets us or why do we hope to get a tweet from them. Time for my story.... even if you heard about it... here we go :)

I got a twitter and followed my favorite driver Scott Speed and his wife Amanda. I also followed a variety of other drivers as well too! On my birthday I asked if i could get a RT (Re-tweet) for my birthday. During the day i turned on my phone i saw that Amanda had tweeted me a happy birthday. I thought that was super awesome and nice. Then after dinner in the late evening i was driving home and checked my twitter and there it was: the tweet from Scott wishing me a happy birthday! I literally was bubbly the entire night and glowing. Another moment was when i was talking about prom and one of my awesome tweeps tweeted Scott to take me to prom. I found the joke so cute and funny... then Scott RT it with saying that his wife approved! I nearly died laughing. Scott also RT me on tuesday saying thanks for me wearing my "Speed For Hire" shirt and getting compliments at Starbucks...

Why did i just tell you all those stories? It proved that i was starstruck and also i appreciated feeling the interaction with my favorite driver. My feeling is that we hope to get a tweet from a driver because it means a lot to us. There are no glory points, no in your face crap, it's a cool thing. We feel as though we are interacting with the drivers personally. For some of us who haven't been to or race or even met our driver it means the entire world to feel as though they are talking to you. It also proves that they look through their tweets and pay attention to what is going on in the twitter world.

Honestly i believe that drivers want to tweet fans to show they interact. It's an awesome thing and I am glad that many of them tweet. :) This is a super short blog believe it or not... but i just wanted to say my thoughts on the whole driver tweeting a fan. :) Thanks for reading this blog and enjoy the race at Brickyard today! PS HAVE A STARBUCKS TODAY! :D

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