Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Stars Come Out.. The Gloves Come Off... Dark Horses Emerge in Victory Lane

This is a more personal blog, as in i am going to talk about the race but focus more on the fact of how i decided on who i wanted to cheer on this weekend. Well as everyone knew it was All-Star race weekend! Which as everyone could tell is a race worth watching. Now there is the showdown (drivers who haven't gotten in already) and then the actual race. This year i picked Martin Truex Jr. to make it in to the showdown, as for a dark horse i picked David Ragan. Ragan was able to get the pole for the race, I had a feeling we would see a win. The showdown has a total of 40 laps, 20 laps, then a caution, then 20 more laps. I could tell you everything else but i would rather not bore you all to death. In the end Ragan came out victorious in VL. That was a very exciting moment for many fans on Twitter and it was David's first time into the All-Star Race. Also Brad K. came second and competed in the All-Star Race.

Next onto the main event: The All-Star race. Before all this as tradition follows, all the guys and their pit crews come out and the fans cheer or boo them. After this event is done, we have the invocation and national anthem. Drivers are ready for the craziest race of the season. Now for all you reading this....who are saying "Laura what the heck are you talking about? All-Star Race? Do points count?" well i can answer that for you.. points do not count.. these boys are racing for 1 million dollars. I also will mention that Kasey Kahne won the burnout competition and won 10,000 for the Kasey Kahne Foundation. Now as I picked my main guy: Kasey Kahne, my dark horses: David Ragan and Carl Edwards. I watched the race from a restaurant and then re-watched it this afternoon. Carl Edwards won and earned the million dollars.

At this time i would also like to give a congrats to Ricky Stenhouse Jr. on winning the nationwide race today at Iowa. He is the first only nationwide driver to win so far so that was a major bonus! Congrats to him, his family and team and all fans! :D I was super proud of that moment!

Let's talk about what it means to pick a dark horse and the reasoning behind why at least I pick them. For me, a dark horse is not someone who deserves pity points or anything, I feel it is a driver who can kick some major butt and pull off a victory. I am very careful with my dark horse pick, they are my underdog pick and i usually pick them quiet often. I picked David Ragan because that guy can kick major butt and can pull off a victory no doubt! :D Same for Carl Edwards, he's got the skill and ability to be an underdog and come out strong and finish victorious.

I am not a fan that picks them because they don't get a ton of attention. I pick them by the way i see them race weekend and week out. I watch the way they carry out after a race, i always look for positive attitude, even with frustration. I also watch they way they are with fans and the media for that matter. I thought this blog would show that even when you pick someone who ends up winning.. yes it can be dumb luck... but for me i pick my dark horses over many things. No matter how good or bad my drivers end up i am always proud to be a fan regardless.

Okay this blog is done! Party because Laura has stopped talking about herself. I am only kidding as you all know this is jut another style of blogging :). I like to do fan, personal, informative. This was a blog to sorta of re-cap a race weekend, but also get a little bit of a perspective on how the minds of NASCAR fans think :) Anyway this blog is done... be sure for a new blog about the race and the cars of Red Bull being covered in fan pictures :) I am proud to say 3 pictures of mine.. 2 on KK's car and 1 will be on pit wall (as they emailed me and told me). :D Anyway everyone have a wonderful weekday!


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