Monday, May 9, 2011

A HurriKahne is coming... he's tamed the lady in black in trucks and got a pole at Darlington for cup.. it's Kasey Kahne

I thought i would write about a driver. I covered a article about him once but thought i would go back and write a new and improved one about him. He tamed the lady in black at the truck race he raced for Kyle and Samantha Busch. He had knee surgery, not once but twice, yet the second time it was only on one knee. He's driving for Red Bull Racing and will go to Hendricks next year. He also is from Enumclaw, Washington and has a brother, Kale and sister, Shannon. He is Kasey Kenneth Kahne. Now many people may ask why i am writing a blog about him. The answer is simple: he is a very unique driver. He stands out in the best way possible. He's a man on a mission to say the least. All drivers in NASCAR are unique and have a way to warm fans hearts and make a goal of being the best they can be. This time i will focus on Kasey.

Kasey is considered the "Pretty Boy" of NASCAR. Yes, there is no doubt he has the looks to make girls melt and guys jealous. Yet those who only look at him for the looks need to re-evalutate how they see him. Kasey is like everyone else and loves to race and also loves having a beer and going out on the lake with family and friends. He is a free spirit who keeps it real in racing as he does outside out of his career. When people say fans just like him for his looks they need to think twice when saying such a statement. Kasey is very friendly, but also shy and reserved. He doesn't show off and he tries to keep it low key. That's how people like to see drivers.

Fans. Kasey takes time for his fans, from taking pictures and signing autographs. Sometimes he even makes small talk with the people who have waited a while to see him in person. Even on twitter kasey will talk about what he is doing, wishing people a happy birthday or will even have a q&a. Being active with fans is a way to keep the good vibes going. Even though Kasey is sometimes shy, he makes time for his fans and trust me his fans appreciate it a lot.

The Kasey Kahne Foundation. A foundation started not long ago that Kasey wanted to do in order to help those at the Ronald McDonald houses. he will visit those kids, bring them to races, he does everything to give them the best NASCAR feeling and experience in the world. Not only that, but he has Klub Kahne which is where fans can get apart of special events and more. KKR, (Kasey Kahne Racing) competes in WOO (World of Outlaws) and also they have their own racing shop in North Carolina. Tammy Kahne and Kasey's siblings help out to keep the shop going, fans happy and a lot of success.  There is not a doubt in my mind that Kasey loves working on his own cars, racing, and making time for fans.

Overall Kahne is one of kind, you can't find a duplicate anywhere else. He brings many smiles to a lot of kids and people. I decided to ask fans what they thought of him. Do they love him or hate him? Respect things he does? Now i am going to share those with you, I appreciate all these twitter people taking the time to give me some feedback!

Fan Response!!!

@AngieLuvsMusic said: "first time I saw Kasey race my affections were swayed to him and he's been my fav since then. His driving ability, compassion, determination . Through the years he has remained true to himself in a world where you get gobbled up and big headed by success, he has not. His communication with his fans is second to none. Love him now, will love him always."

@zebmonkey said: "not a fan of Kasey, but i'm not a hater either."

@48hollywood said: "Good dude in my book. Have never disliked him, among most underrated drivers in NASCAR. Will be a champion at HMS."

@Keselowski2 said: "I like Kasey Kahne. Down to earth driver. He is an awesome driver and he has done so much in such a short career thus far!"

@denver2u said: "hmmm..Kasey is a very quiet,flying under the radar kinda guy..He's an incredible driver, that at times is very under-rated..When he gets to HMS..look out..He's going to kick some serious butt, IMO. His downside,he worries too much..Ie, when he hit the wall this past w/e. Let it go, Kase...He's going to win again soon...and PS..not enough space to say all I think about Kase...and YES..he's nice to look at!!!"

@HurriKahne4 said: "Kasey is a really good driver. no doubt about it. he has what it takes to win races and someday even win the championship. sure, he gets mad, but who doesn't? Kasey has won races for a reason. he is good. you'd be a FOOL to say he wasn't. it's that simple. eh has things that some drivers don't have. He is relatively calm in the racecar. he has a great crew chief to keep him calm when he starts to blow his top. Kasey Kahne is a great driver."

Wow! Look at all the feedback! I agree with it all and appreciate once again these people taking time to answer this question i asked them! You can see by the responses that Kahne is very favorable. He has a lot of things that fans appreciate and look at.

Well that ends this blog. Thank you for reading this blog... the next driver i will cover is Carl Edwards. So be ready for the blog on Scott Speed and Indy, Carl Edwards, and of course Dover and that Monster Mile! Until then have a wonderful week and i will blog to you all soon!

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