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Eating Doughnuts while Doing Doughnuts with Kyle Rowdy Busch Driver of M&M's 18 Toyota Camry

I've done a couple drivers so far in this 2011 season that have been fan favorites, the type that make fans go "He's so awesome and sweet" and more. Today though i am doing a driver where some fans hate him, others love him and some are just in between! I am talking about ROWDY BUSCH. I have been talking to many other fans and they are very excited to see this article. I warn you ahead of time there is going to be negative and positive talk about kyle. Please do not take offense to any of this, this is fan opinion, and my own. I am Kyle Busch fan myself so this article is very fun to write myself! So you ready?? let's go do some doughnuts while eating doughnuts with Kyle Busch!!!
So I cannot actually go eat doughnuts with Kyle Busch, but hey let's enjoy this blog lol!!!

Time for some good Wiki Information for any who read who are really unsure of who Kyle Busch is:

Kyle Thomas Busch (born May 2, 1985) is an American NASCAR driver and team owner. He currently drives the #18 Mars/Interstate Batteries Toyota Camry for Joe Gibbs Racing in the Sprint Cup Series, the #18 Z-Line Designs/NOS Energy Drink Toyota Camry for Joe Gibbs in the Nationwide Series, and the #18 Toyota Tundrafor his own team, Kyle Busch Motorsports, in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.
He currently holds the record for most NASCAR wins in a season between the top three NASCAR series with 21 wins, which he accomplished in 2008. He also is the only NASCAR driver to win races in two of its national touring series on the same day, winning the Camping World Truck Series and Nationwide Series races held on February 21, 2009. On August 21, 2010, Busch became the first driver to win in all three of NASCAR's top three touring series in the same weekend (Bristol).
Busch is also only the second driver to ever win on his birthday, winning the 2009 Crown Royal Presents the Russell Friedman 400 at Richmond International Raceway, which was run on his 24th birthday. Cale Yarborough was the first.
He is the younger brother of 2004 Nextel Cup Series champion Kurt Busch.

]Kyle Busch's first driving lessons came at the age of 6 when he drove around the cul-de-sac of his family's Las Vegas neighborhood in a makeshift go-kart. Although he was too small to reach the throttle, Busch still was able to pick up the basics from his father Tom, who controlled the gas pedal as his young son steered the kart. Throughout his childhood, Busch spent many hours as an apprentice to his father and older brother Kurt in the family garage learning to build and repair race cars. By the age of 10, he was a full-fledged mechanic and served as crew chief of his older brother's dwarf car team.

In 1998, shortly after his 13th birthday, Busch's driving career officially began. From 1999 through 2001, Busch earned more than 65 wins in legends car racing as he racked up two track championships at Las Vegas Motor Speedway's "Bullring" before moving to late models. He captured 10 victories in late model competition at the Bullring in 2001.[1]
He is often nicknamed "Shrub", since he is the younger brother of NASCAR driver Kurt Busch and a small bush is called a shrub.[3]

Phew! We made it sorry for the long detail on Kyle, but  i know some people don't know really where he started before entering NASCAR. Anyway we are now going to go into stats then do fan opinion, my final thoughts and that's it! :P If you want more information on Mr. Kyle then go to wikipedia or his website (links will be posted at the bottom). Time for some stats shall we? :)

Trucks Series: 10 poles, 67 top tens, and 25 wins
Nationwide Series: 21 poles, 132 top tens, and 44 wins
Spring Cup Series: 7 poles, 104 top tens, and 19 wins

  • Also he swept at bristol last year in 2010 and that was history making, Kyle has also made some other major movements in the history for NASCAR. Even fans who don't care for Kyle can still say it's pretty impressive to see so much accomplished in such a short amount of time! 
  • Beyond winning all the time, Kyle does make time for fans and everything else. He got married to Samantha Sarcinella on December 31st in 2010. A wedding to remember and truly a special moment for them. Congrats on wedding! :) Kyle also makes time for his love and hating fans no matter what, you could say the KB SHOW is running around a lot doing some pretty awesome things!
  • Now.... on to some fan opinions! Please note these are fan views so no going and bashing on these people.. don't bash or i will kick your butt lol just kidding or am I?

@racejunkie48 Said: " KB...what can I say about him..drives the wheels off of the cars..good driver, just wins way too much..."
I get that 100%! I can see where it does get a bit annoying for one driver to win all the time. Thanks for the insight!

@kaseykahnefan4 Said: "ok. Lol i think he is a good driver and all but i think he is a big cry baby.#sorrykylebuschfans #itsmyopinion"
Thank you for being so honest! It means a lot to fans to hear what they feel! Thanks for your input! :)

@britt4918 Said: "i love both of them. True Talents. I love how Kyle has matured over the past three years"
I get this so much! Thank you for talking about KK and KB. It's true you have seen a lot of growth in Kyle over the years! ^_^

@Jess4JRNation Said: "My opinion of Kb is he could be a greater driver if he wasn't so stupid aggressive all the time & think more about safety"
So true! Sometimes being aggressive is okay, but getting too much can turn into a bad thing! :) Thanks for your insight

@kadyleeanne326 Said: "I LOVE KYLE BUSCH!!"
My favorite comment by far! Thanks for the insight Kady! :D

Well that is some fan opinions and i agree with them all and appreciate them taking the time to answer my question on how they viewed Kyle Busch. Time for some of my opinions on Mr. Kyle and then we will wrap this sucker up. My views on Kyle Busch are that Kyle is a great driver and has a awesome BADASS personality. Yet i do agree with many saying I'd like to see someone else win a couple times here and there, but overall Kyle is a good driver and makes fans go crazy so that is THE KB SHOW for you! Also i'd like to say that even when Kyle Busch is flipping off people or doing something else crazy his fans will support and watch him light up at any track! Good luck in the 2011 season!

Sorry again for the Wiki info but like i said it's for those of you who don't know him. Thanks for all the fan input, pictures thanks to kyle's website and google. Wiki for the info. Thanks for reading this blog... next driver to be blogged is UNKNOWN. YOU DECIDE FANS!!! :)

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