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Darlington: "Too Tough To Tame?" For Kahne NO WAY! Kahne Came.. He Saw.. and He Conquered "The Lady in Black"

Welcome back to my blog! Sorry for not posting in a while, just had writer's block and haven't had any new drivers i really wanna spotlight at the moment. We will be heading to Bristol next weekend for some sure high and flying fun with what i can say will probably be a lot of wrecking too. This was  an Off-Weekend for NASCAR nationwide and sprint cup, but NOT for TRUCKS.  I was about to miss this race, yet was able to view the entire thing. Let me tell you I am sure glad i DVRd this race, it is one to watch over and over again. "The Lady In Black" is Darlington's famous notice, fans and drivers talk about how tough this track is on the drivers and many wrecks occur, well 10 cautions came out tonight, lots of bumper action, wall smashing fun. A lot of drivers had a tough break for this race, others were just hoping they would be spared. One of those drivers got out of the "messy-ness" and ended up in Victory Lane. He has had 4 starts in the Trucks Series and now won 3 out of 4 races, he came second to Elliot Sadler one year at this very track. If you don't know who i am talking about then let me give one more hint: HE MAKES GIRLS GO CRAZY! yes, that would be no one else than Kasey Kahne, who drove the #18 of Kyle Busch Motorsports to Victory Lane this evening.

Many truck drivers are out to go and win, with the desire and passion, no matter how tough the track is. Cole Whitt, who poled the race, did overall well only had a few slip-ups the entire race. Elliot Sadler, Todd Bodine, Joey Coulter, Johanna Long, Ricky Carmichael, and many others went into this race, and had to be prepared for just about anything. A lot of drivers felt "the lady in black" come get them. Even Johanna and Ricky had a tough crash that had a red flag come out to clean up all the mess. A couple debris cautions came out as well, as us NASCAR fans know, these debris cautions are quiet frequent. Multiple pit stops later, all the drivers were on their last tires and had to go for it. Kasey Kahne only went in for four tires and fuel, he had a wicked good car and did not want to ruin it.

Well as we dropped into the last 20 laps, i could feel the intensity increasing. Todd Bodine soon crept up to Kasey Kahne and got extremely close to passing him multiple times. As usual we had a caution that would then take us to only 3 laps remaining. The broadcasters on Speed TV asked Todd what his plan was and all he told them was they had to get past Kahne in order to bring home the victory. They even talked to Kasey and he said the car was good and they were going to do their absolute best in these last final laps.  Fans all over Twitter were praying and hoping that Kasey Kahne would be taking the lady in black out, instead of her taking him down...... it happened.

Kasey won, with a incredible run on the last double-file restart. He was able to get around Bodine and go and snatch the victory. I know i was one of many happy fans who was cheering and screaming at there TV when this event happened.  A joyful Kahne, got out of his car with a smile on his face. He had wanted to come into the weekend and win, that happened. Kasey lead 96 laps overall, he finished strong and brought home a trophy for Kyle Busch Motorsports. Samantha Busch and Kyle Busch were beyond happy to see Kahne take the #18 into VL. A Happy night for KK fans, and a good night for the other drivers. While many drivers failed to the "Lady in Black", Kahne was able to take her out to a movie, dinner, and get her back home before midnight. He stepped up and showed tremendous effort, this win was well deserved.  Congrats to Kasey Kahne, Kyle and Samantha Busch and Kyle Busch Motorsports!

I asked some fans what they thought of Darlington or even just thought of KK's win today... here are the responses i obtained...
TripleKFan4918 said "I love him and he deserved that win! I think it was a confidence booster."
I love this insight.. so true. This was probably a huge confidence booster for Kasey to take with him into next weekend at Bristol! Thanks for the insight!

said ".Kasey showed that if he has good equipment, he can drive the tires off of it, and isn't afraid to do so..Great win.!!"

It was a great win! KK worked his butt off to obtain this victory and get that #18 into VL. Thanks for your insight :)
denver2u also said " I think Cole Witt drove a darned good race..not sure where he finished..( too busy cheering KK)"
I agree Cole did awesome for all the trouble he had, he had a nice red bull truck, he will get them next time!

These were the only two responses i got, but i knew from the happiness on Twitter, many fans were extremely happy with the outcome of the race. I know i was happy and it was one heck of a good NASCAR Truck Race. All i can say is on to Bristol where we will be back to Trucks, Nationwide, and Cup again! Until then keep on enjoying the weekend and have a wonderful night!

Here are some comments from Whitt, Kahne, and Bodine from

"I gave it a shot and got sucked around and got loose and all that and finished third," Bodine said.

"This is one of my favorite race tracks," said Kahne, who qualified second and led four times for 96 of the 147 laps. "I'm really glad I came. I really enjoy driving this thing." Kahne said.

Whitt, 19, was making his fourth career Truck Series start, his first at Darlington.
"The track just kind of suited my driving style, and from the get-go we just kind of fell into the rhythm," Whitt said.
Some very nice statements from all the guys on how the race was! :)

NOTE: I don't take any hate comments, i refuse to deal with them. Also All Pictures i will put Credit AT THE BOTTOM ON THE BLOG. :) If i screw anything up, my dearest apologizes sometimes i screw things up by small mistake! Anyway thanks for reading my blog and have a great weekend NASCAR fans! 

Credit: for comments on race with Bodine, Kahne, and Whitt
Also Credit for the few photos with Kahne in VL!
PHOTO CREDIT: Samantha Busch and Kyle Busch for the pic of the reaction from Cancun
Red Bull Racing and Kyle Busch Motorsports for the VL shots
Friends showing some pics of KK :)

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